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LED Lamps For Machine Vision PDF Print E-mail



Direct Ring Light

- High-luminance LEDs deployed at high density
to produce 360-degree shadow-free illumination.
- Standard type of LED lighting for a wide range
of applications

- Ability to select the model that matches our lenses

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Low- angle ring light

- Providing 360-degree illumination for reflective
objects from a low angle without producing
reflections. Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and
- Lighting angle of zero degrees for the MLRL-C

(R, G, B, W) 46

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Shadowless light

- Three types are available : the ring type, the low-
angle ring type and the low-angle square type
- Soft, even, diffused lighting on shiny objects
- Best for prevening the halo effect. The shadowless,
low-angle square is perfect for square-shaped

objects, such as BGAs and QFPs








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